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Dutch Cups manufactures and supplies unbreakable and reusable plastic drinking glasses, also called ecocups or hard plastic glasses, as well as sustainable jugs and trays. Almost all Dutch Cups products can be printed with beautiful images. Dutch Cups creates an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard and plastic disposable cups and a safe and cheaper alternative to breakable glassware.

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Dutch Cups glasses and cups are unbreakable and made of clear glass, transparent or colored plastics polycarbonate, Tritan copolyster or polypropylene. The hard plastic drinking glasses are reusable many times, manual and machine cleaning, optimally stackable and can be printed from one color to full color. Dutch Cups glasses you can buy as well as rent.

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Dutch Cups glasses, cups, pitchers and trays can be printed with a simple logo in one color to full color (photo) images. With a print are Dutch Cups products the perfect advertising media or true collector items!

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Sustainable and safe
Dutch Cups strives not only its products but also to the organization of Dutch Cups as sustainable and safe as possible. The Dutch Cups products are made from 100% recyclable and food approved plastic materials in accordance with international regulations in the field of safety, hygiene and social conditions.

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